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Super School India was founded by Radhika Mittal. Radhika was in Delhi until 8th Grade before her family moved to Singapore where she spent some of the best years of her life, schooling, going to college, and working. She studied in government schools in Singapore where she was part of a diverse group of students and where she learnt that quality education is the equalizer that removes the need for reservation in colleges and jobs. After starting work in Singapore, and during a trip to Delhi, she interacted with children from some underserved families of her neighbourhood and noticed the disparity in their access to good teachers and schools. They were frighteningly behind their counterparts in private schools, and Super School India was born from this realization; that she could perhaps create a platform for such children to have better access to quality education.


Radhika Mittal moved permanently from Singapore to India to start Super School India for 50 students.



With SSI now in existence, Radhika, along with a team of volunteers, was dipping her toes in multiple areas of intervention to see what the organization could specialize in.

Within this period, the SSI students would visit schools to perform street plays for other students. When the SSI students would interact with other students in these schools who spoke English fluently, they'd end up feeling less confident about their own English-speaking abilities. Hence, the SSI team observed that while the students did have means to develop their skills in other subjects, they had little to no access to an immersive, English-speaking environment with good English teachers. This realization, accompanied with the fact that good spoken English opens up a lot of doors, led SSI to its first area of intervention: communicating in English.


By early 2017, our A For Angrezi pedagogy started to show improvement in students by leaps and bounds. There was tremendous improvement in their communicative English which further showed tremendous increase in their confidence levels.

In mid-2017, Radhika was talking to her students about a female student of SSI who'd been eve-teased on her way to the centre, an incident that discouraged her from coming to class. A few of the senior, and Radhika's favorite, students said, "If she looks back and smiles, isn't it obvious that she'll be teased?" This instance, set against the reality of increasing gender-related crimes in India, motivated Radhika, and the SSI team, to enter into a second area of intervention: sex education.

The Responsible Yuva, SSI's sex education program, began developing alongside A For Angrezi, and it was initially designed solely for the SSI students. A couple of external teachers, who were attending one of the sex education workshops, suggested that if SSI were to have structured modules, they could bring much-needed sex education to other organizations and schools. This, then, led The Responsible Yuva across the SSI boundaries and into its first partnership with a government school in Sangam Vihar. 




By early 2018, and under The Responsible Yuva, SSI had gotten into its second official partnership with an all-girls vocational school in Delhi. And towards the end of the year, SSI had already conducted its penultimate workshop in a series of workshops for the same school in Sangam Vihar.

These two partnerships helped SSI expand its outreach, as well as its team of volunteers who've been generous enough to volunteer their hours to facilitate SSI's sex education workshops.


Our 2019 Goals

SSI's aim for 2019 is to positively impact approximately 50,000 underserved children and young people through its interventions. We want to bring sex education to the forefront of education.

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