About Super School India

Super school India (SSI) is a youth-run initiative for the urban slum children in India. SSI believes that
each child is capable of excelling in all their areas of interest and we want to unleash this potential
through our efforts. The SSI family passionately works with children to equip them with the relevant
skills to succeed, and positively guides them to be responsible and morally upright members of
society. We achieve these goals by designing and implementing programs that address the existing
needs and problems of the children and communities we work with. As the needs evolve, so do our
programs. Super School India’s founder, Radhika Mittal along with her team, through their years of
interaction with underprivileged children, observed that the following areas warrant immediate

Education Gap 1

Education Gap 2

Underprivileged children do not get quality spoken and written English education despite it being essential for academic growth and employability

English is spoken by 1.5 billion people in the world. It connects us with the world and speaking the language has become essential to be ready for the commercial sector of an increasingly global India. It is the baseline requirement for white-collar jobs. However, 75% of class VI students in Delhi’s low-income schools can’t read a class II English story and only 13% can recognize alphabets. A weak foundation in the language not only affects them academically but also affects confidence levels and reduces their future employability. Being a universally known language, English bridges the gap between cross-cultural interaction and gives us a gateway to learn about various regions, cultures, etc. Because of these reasons, English is a very essential tool in today’s world.

Value and sex education have a myriad of positive effects on children and yet they do not receive formal education on these constructive and thoughtful topics

Lack of civic sense and values in India is a dangerous social menace which has reduced our standard of living and created an unsafe environment, especially for women. Teaching principles like honesty and empathy create ethical individuals in a country which is shrouded in corruption and unethical activities. Everyday 6 women are raped in Delhi, while 15 are molested. We are the most unsafe we have been in 15 years. The ongoing #metoo movement is a live testament to the fact that even in today’s society something as basic as consent is not properly comprehended by people. Value and sex education are not just requirements anymore, but are a need of the hour. Gender and sex-related taboos still plague us. Sex education can remedy this and yet, it is still neither an accepted norm nor rolled out in schools on a compulsory basis.

Our Programs


A for Angrezi​

‘A for Angrezi’ is our English speaking program for the underprivileged students who face a myriad of disadvantages due to weak command over the language. We aim to equip underprivileged kids with the communication skills that will open up a world of opportunities and prepare them to be skilled for a global India. (click on the heading to know more)


T.R.Y- The Responsible Yuva​

‘T.R.Y – The Responsible Yuva’ is a collection of culturally sensitive, informative and enjoyable group discussions for the underprivileged Indian youth on civic sense, values & sex education. We believe that this is instrumental in building an ethical generation, breaking taboos, increasing gender equality and reducing gender-related crimes. (click on the heading to know more)

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Message from SSI Students

Our Approach

Our programs reach out to the children through 3 channels:

SSI's centre

SSI’s journey started with our first centre in Sainik Farms that caters to the underprivileged children of Sainik Farms, Neb Sarai and Sangam Vihar. At this centre, the students come after school hours to improve their spoken English, learn essential digital skills, receive career guidance and sex education.

Partnership with low-income schools

We scale the outreach of our programs by partnering directly with schools that will benefit from our programs. The school functions as a space to run our activities for the underprivileged children in the neighbourhood. Currently, our partnerships are concentrated in Delhi NCR.

Collaboration with NGOs & organizations

SSI collaborates with NGOs and organizations by introducing our programs to the children they work with. We believe that co-sharing of resources & experiences from our respective fields will help us maximize the impact of our efforts.

Our Non-Negotiable Values

Quality Programs

We here at SSI, believe in providing our students and partners with top quality work and results.


Honesty is a must have quality that we look for in our partners all the while imparting the same to our students.

Gender equality

We firmly believe that all genders are equal in every aspect and we help our students realise this from a tender age.


Just as our organization won’t stop until we bridge the gap in educational standards, we propagate this quality to be inculcated in our students as well.


The ability to understand the situation of a person and where they are coming from is something we believe to be very important in today’s society.

Join Us

It is only through collaborative community work that SSI can achieve what it has set out to do.

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