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Super school India is a youth-run initiative for underserved children and young people in India. We believe that each child and young person is capable of excelling in their areas of interest, and we want to unleash this potential through our efforts. The SSI family passionately works with children and young people to equip them with relevant skills to succeed. We positively guide them to be responsible and ethical members of society. We achieve these goals by designing and implementing programs that address the existing needs and challenges of the communities we work with. And as the needs evolve, so do our programs.


Currently, SSI has two main programs for under-resourced youth communities of India -- A for Angrezi (teaching spoken English) and The Responsible Yuva (comprehensive sex education).


We strive to achieve this goal through our sex education interventions wherein we educate our beneficiaries about menstrual, sexual and reproductive health and hygiene.


We strive to achieve this goal by ensuring quality, need-based modules for all our programs, including English-teaching, sex education, and training programs.

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We strive to achieve this goal by being a gender-inclusive organization for all our students, staff members, partners, and beneficiaries.


We strive to achieve this goal by attempting to bridge the education gaps within the communities we work with.

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